Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has officially announced a nationwide recruitment exercise scheduled to take place during the months of August and September. Joining the esteemed KDF is a comprehensive endeavor that involves a thorough selection process and adherence to specific eligibility criteria.

To be considered for recruitment, the candidate must be a Kenyan citizen, between the ages of 18 to 26. Male candidates must have a minimum height of 5.3 inches, weigh a minimum of 54.4 kilograms, while a female candidate should stand at least 5 inches and weigh at least 50 kilograms. The candidates should have attained a minimum grade of D plain and above in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Good oral health is a must with unaltered teeth color, and should have no tattoos with no criminal record.

KDF recruitment is open and free to all eligible candidates. The public is strongly cautioned against engaging in any form of misconduct or malpractice with the intention of influencing the recruitment process. Should any suspicious activities or individuals come to light, members of the public are encouraged to promptly report such occurrences to the nearest police station or military camp.

KDF recruitment presents an opportunity for qualified individuals to contribute to the defence and security of the nation. KDF is committed to upholding the integrity and fairness of the selection process.



  1. I have the passion to join KDF reason because I want to replace the space of my dad who died under work in the Kenya army.

  2. I am joan am 21and scored a grade of c+ in kcse and am always interested in joining the army….this is my passion and am ready to work for the government of kenya …..am ready to protect my country plz help me.

  3. I am fernando’s khaemba from kakamega county,i managed to score D plain in kcse 2022.l am admired to join kdf this year,if you give me a chance,i will be honest,hardworking to work.iam ready for training please give me a chance.thank you and God bless Kenya defence forces,amen.(my contact is 0707740358).

  4. My comment is those personels who recruited last time in westpokot sigor constituency didnt do justice i qualified but ddnt give me chance to joined but am hardly prayng my God answer my prayers next round thank you sis

  5. Am lsaiah wekesa from Bungoma ,l did my K.C.S.E 2022 and I attended ( C- ) .Thus am interested in KDF am read and willing to serve my country my conducts(0707783815)

  6. Comment: i did form four last year 2023 and i got d plain which is the minimum grade and i want to join kdf plz help me..from bungoma(0706896110).if you were chosen by GOD to serve kenya as good kdf solder plz help me be like..that one is my dream too to be like you

  7. Am Abiut Masinde..i did form four last year 2023 and i want to join kdf plz help i got d plain which is minimum grade

    Comment: am abiut masinde..i did form four 2023 and i got d plain.help me join kdf

  8. I got Dplain in 2021 55.0inches 74kg am requesting for this job if you gave me a chance i will manage it MY NUMBER IS 0710328680

  9. this is my best dream ever,,
    Have been actually dreaming to be among the Military,
    So please can someone make me among or include me

    • this is my best dream ever,,
      Have been actually dreaming to be among the Military,
      So please can someone make me among or include me

  10. I have tried to join the military team but unfortunately not able to join due efficiency can someone assist me to join ..

  11. This is to certify that kelvin kiprotich ,worked with our company as a machine operator and hardworking and honest employee

  12. Am a. Military poet having done two poems.. My YouTube chanell Is Jacs Twins.
    Have always been willing to join KDF as a cadet in the army. Now that I got a C plus in KCSE, please am requesting for a chance.
    I had B Plus in Music.

  13. and when i have d(minus) i can not join kenya defence force but you can give me the chance please my dream it was to jion kenya defence force and to be loyal to the country plz

  14. I got d+ in kcse and I would like to join my dream job as a kdf . through it I will fulfill my dream of ensuring peace in our country.please may I know when and how I May join please?

  15. I have a D plain in KCSE.
    I encountered a challenge whereby i got coned by somebody who asked me for 350,000 to join.
    Please, if possible , email me on how to join this job. I can’t afford to lose my dream job. I’ve always wanted to become a soldier to defend & find justice for those who cannot afford it.

  16. I just did my KCSE in 2023 and I got d minus but my dream was to join kdf for now I am devastated on what to do now because my dream has crushed 💔😭

  17. I’m interested To be a KDf having a c plain can I please be recruited for the next I’m 21 years of age weighing 60kg ,5.5 inches taller

      • Kindly can any one assist on how to pursue to kdf force igot D-minus and went to college and did core causes such as 🖥 and 🚗 and did k.sales causes. For now iam working as security officer….,kindly assist and consider my no.0795226108.