1. Justice is expensive and many survivors have found it difficult to get it because of their financial status.
    Evidence, some are not aware for example for defilement the victim should be examined by a professional doctor I guess within 72 hours, some take a bath before reporting which shouldn’t be so for the provision of quality evidence. So basically survivors have found it difficult because they are not aware of the right steps they should take after their sexual rights are violated

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  2. Ask Rolph what rights do shareholders have and what is the recourse does a shareholder have whe has not been notified of a general meeting and/or has not been served with notices pertaining the company meetings and minutes despite asking for them

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  3. My siblings and I have been waiting for the Kenya Gazette notice for the appointment of administrators following the death of our mum. It has taken almost one year. The lawyer says there is a delay on the Kenya Gazette side. Is this the case?

  4. Perhaps you should have advised on the legal requirements that someone should meet before going to court to file for either separation or divorce. Ofcourse, the outcome of the court often doesn’t go well with both parties; especially the losing party and therefore, the aggrieved party should be given comprehensive information leading to the outcome. Otherwise, they’ll perceive the court’s decision to be forceful as the listener has indicated. Kindly try to be more comprehensive in your comments. Thanks

  5. Thanks so much for introducing us to this wonderful online Radio station that seriously focus on Human Rights/Paralegals/Justice
    Thanks to comrade JAMES MABEYA for being with us in Kisumu ,,, bigups 👏

  6. Its been longest….

    Nice show there Judy and Fred. The accuracy and currency of the issues adresses is just amazing.

    Loving the show

  7. How do we call upon government to allow us come up with localized policies on farming in forests? who can speak for us in Kakamega?

    • Hello Abedinego, The Kenya Forest service is the body mandated with the management and conservation of forests and they work hand in hand with county governments to regulate forest farming, visit your county government office to apply for forest farming, then the KFS will pick it from there.

  8. Hi Judy, am from Kakamega next to Kakamegan rain forest. We can benefit from the forest farming. We need a framework though

    • This are great intentions you have. I commend you for the same. There are different NGos that are envisioned to protect the rights amd privileges of Children in the society. Advancing this complain through them can be a very layed low method. It often doesn’t bear much. Approach a chief or area leaders to look into the matter. Lastly make a report to Police and allow them do their investigations. Support them with any information that may be vital. They’ll take it up from there. Lastly approach people those parents can respect ie church leaders area baraza members and explain to them. Allow them deal with the issue in their wisdom