Prosecution is the process of instituting and undertaking criminal proceedings against an accused person in a court of law. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that the crime an accused person has been charged with was committed. The prosecution provides evidence against the accused person. 

Example, stealing as the prosecution case; Stealing is the appropriation of property belonging to another person with the intention to permanently   deprive it without the knowledge of the owner. For instance, if person A takes the phone belonging to person B without person A knowledge, when this case goes to court it will be upon the public prosecutor who represents the state to prove that the accused is guilty of the charged offence. The reason why the prosecutor takes the mandate to prosecute the accused person and not the victim him/her self is because stealing is against the statutes  of Kenya and therefore stealing is a criminal matter , that is why all criminal cases  are referred to as republic Versus B in this case B represents the accused. The prosecution may call witnesses to present the facts of the case to the court. The witness may include the victim, investigating officer and any other involved party.


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