Understanding Human Rights


Human Rights are universal and everyone is born and possesses the same rights , regardless of where they live, their gender or race, or their religious,
cultural or ethnic background.

Every individual has dignity and everyone deserves to be respected so as to ensure that one can be able to fully develop and use human qualities such as intelligence, talent and conscience and satisfy his or her spiritual and other needs.

Dignity gives an individual a sense of value and worth. The existence of human rights demonstrates that human beings are aware of each other’s worth.
Human dignity is not an individual, exclusive and isolated sense. It is a part of
our common humanity.

Human rights enable us to respect each other and live with each other. In
other words, they are not only rights to be requested or demanded but rights to
be respected and be responsible for. The rights that apply to you also apply to

The denial of human rights and fundamental freedoms not only is an individual and personal tragedy, but also creates conditions of social and political
unrest, sowing the seeds of violence and conflict within and between societies
and nations.

Therefore, it is our responsibility as human beings to treat each other with dignity and respect regardless of our status in life.