The General elections in Kenya are scheduled to take place in 9th August 2022 and Kenyans will exercise their sovereign power to elect Members of the National assembly, the senate and county governors.

The National Assembly of Kenya is made up of two hundred and ninety members elected by the Kenyan people to represent different constituencies. It has 47 Women representatives from each county and twelve representatives of the minority nominated by political parties and the speaker.

The National Assembly of Kenya represents the citizens of Kenya and their needs. Therefore, Kenyans should be very wise when it comes to electing leaders to represent them in Parliament, especially the constituency representatives.

Voting should be voluntarily and no one should be coerced into practicing this constitutional right. Kenyans should be vigilant of rogue constituency aspirants that use money and threats to make people vote.

Leaders are elected to bring change and development by representing the actual needs of the Kenyan citizens to the government.


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