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The Government of Kenya has directed action be taken against those who sexually assaulted and molested a lady at Wangari Maathai Road formerly Forest Road and by extension bodaboda riders who do not comply with the laid down laws that govern their operations. The action follows an outcry from Kenyans of all walks of life via social media and other platforms. The president’s directive for boda boda operators to be registered afresh came at the opportune moment when the President was presiding over the launch of International women’s day celebrations at the  Kenya School of Government. The general feeling and consensus essentially are that bodaboda riders are gradually and steadily becoming a threat to national security.

That bodaboda riders have become a law unto themselves is not in dispute. A significant of this lot operate with impunity manifested through: use of the wrong side of the road and walking pavements; failure to obey traffic lights; failure to put on protective wear; operating without licence and insurance; carrying more than one pavilion passenger; traffic obstruction; aiding and abetting of criminal activities among others.

The  measures being proposed are meant to; guarantee justice for victims of bodaboda menace, protect and promote rule of law, and importantly, effect an attitudinal paradigm shift. Critically is to borrow a leaf from Rwanda.  

While the proposals are well intentioned though knee jerk, a number of questions still remain unanswered. For instance; for how long will the operators  be monitored? What specific role will the law enforcement agencies play? By and the large, the  situation calls for self reevaluation and reengineering of attitudes from everyone involved as half baked proposals will only render half baked solutions