Wangari Maathai

The role of women in the development of society is of Utmost importance. In fact, it is the only thing that determines whether a society is strong and harmonious, or otherwise. Women are the backbone of a society and thus they should be celebrated and treated with utmost dignity.

Women’s rights are the fundamental human rights that are enshrined by the United Nations for every human being. They have the right to live free from violence, slavery and discrimination; to be educated, to own property, to vote and to access opportunities.

Sadly, most of women rights have been infringed since time immemorial and that’s how the women’s day came to place, to celebrate women through rallies and events to end gender discrimination. These celebrations have been observed for more than a century with the aim of celebrating women’s achievement and fighting for equality.

This year the theme for women’s day is ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’ which aims to recognize women who are working to build a more sustainable future. Happy women’s day to strong, intelligent, talented and simply wonderful women don’t forget that you are loved and appreciated.




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