In a few years to come, human beings will be losing seconds from their time due to alteration in the earths rotation caused by melting glaciers. melting polar ice is caused by human activity like burning fossil fuels.

When the ice melts into the ocean, the melt water moves from the poles towards the equator which slows the speed of  the earth’s rotation. The melting polar ice has been a contributing factor in altering earth’s rotation and time.

The earth’s rotation dictates the minutes, hours and days (our timelines). Earth’s rotation is constant depending on what is happening on the surface of the earth. This means that global timekeeping is dependent on global warming effect.

Currently, the earths rotation is speeding due to changes in its core, for the longest time changes in the earth’s rotation has been dominated by the friction of the tides on the ocean floor.

The changes brought by the earth’s rotation means that the world clock needs to be adjusted by a leap second and human beings will now have to reprogram their computers and this will lead to critical errors.