The duty of the National security is to protect the Nation against internal and external threats to Kenya’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, its people, their rights, freedoms, property, peace, stability and prosperity and other National interests.

The National security should be  pursued in compliance with the Rule of Law and in respect to human rights, fundamental freedom and democracy. The organs of the National security include: The Kenya Defense Forces, National Intelligence Service and the National Police Service.

The Kenya Defense Forces of the Republic Of Kenya are made up of Kenya Army, Kenya Navy and Kenya Airforce and they protect and defend territorial sovereignty and integrity of the Republic.

The National Intelligence Service is responsible for security and counter intelligence. They identify threats against the security of Kenya and advice the Government accordingly.

The National Police Service is responsible for enforcing the Law and protecting life, Property and human rights and Dignity of members of the public.

In Conclusion the National Security of Kenya primarily exists to promote and guarantee National Security.


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