Image of MP Salasya Photo:Capial News

Peter Salasya a member of parliament from Mumias East constituency, is facing charges of assault and bodily harm after allegedly slapping a ward representative during a funeral.

He was later freed on a cash bail of KSh 50,000. His bodyguards were arrested and disarmed after shooting in the air during the drama at the funeral.

In his response, Salasya said that the MCA had provoked him on several occasions and that things escalated at the funeral when the MCA started threatening him, telling him to stop talking about the governor. Salasya also accused the MCA of having a knife and wanting to attack him and was forced to defend himself.

Salasya is also facing an offense of creating a disturbance, this not being the very first time that Salasya has been in the spotlight over various incidents, just last year in November, detectives in Kakamega launched a probe into allegations that Salasya had threatened to kill a magistrate who ruled against him in a KSh 500,000 debt suit. Salasya later confronted the magistrate outside the Kakamega Law Courts and threatened to kill her before driving off.

Salasya who was arraigned to appear in court on Tuesday but later skipped on claims that he was unwell, was later ordered by Mumias Senior Resident Magistrate Marcella Onyanya to show up in court on Wednesday physically.

The prosecution hence invited the court to visit the accused person’s previous records and decide on a better punishment on claims that Salasya had chosen not to respect the court.