Often, we get to hear of the term Domestic Violence, but most of us are unable to understand what exactly it is and how it happens.

Any form of aggressive behavior that occurs in a domestic setting, and typically involving violent abuse of a family member is domestic violence.

Sexual and gender- based violence is known to be the most common form of violence which takes place within a domestic setting. Also referred to as molestation, this is the abusive sexual behavior by one person upon another, which is often perpetrated using force or by taking advantage of another.

Physical abuse is the infliction of unlawful personal violence on another person through battery, beating, or aggression, whereby there is visible physical harm and injury. Arguments have been known to play the greater role to the highest numbers of domestic violence cases recorded.

Low level of education plays a critical role and is a primary contributor to domestic violence. When the family bread winner is made to feel disrespected, inferiority complex storms in turning one to become controlling with their dealings with family setting. This pushes one to have things done their way without the consideration of the other family members, and if not, they become violent.

Culture and traditions are known to partly promote gender inequality in Kenya. In the Luo community for instance, wife punishing is viewed as a normal practice yet in actual sense, it is battering.  Unfortunately, domestic violence will have taken place without it being reported and will keep on being passed from one generation to another.

It is important to understand what domestic violence is in order to prevent it from occurring. It is advisable that one should read relevant books and attend trainings provided, in order to come up with solutions as a society. One should be critical and should question any act that could be interpreted as domestic violence.

Educating the girl child on their rights empowers them which in return helps in preventing domestic violence.

Reporting all cases of violence is very key for it interrupts the cycle and helps curb this menace.