It is true and common to many of us that infidelity and domestic violence are the main causes of dissolution of marriages especially in this generation. However, there are other unimaginable reasons that can lead to dissolution of marriage and they include but not limited to, incurable insanity. The Law allows you to seek dissolution of the marriage on the grounds that your spouse has been afflicted by incurable insanity. However, it must be proved that the mentally sick spouse has been undergoing treatment for the illness for at least five years before the divorce petition is filed.

Also, if a husband subjects her wife to sodomy, rape and bestiality, then the wife is entitled to petition for divorce. If by any chance she consented to these acts, then she loses her rights to use them as grounds for divorce.

Presumption of death is when there is any reason to believe that one of the spouses is dead. This gives the surviving spouse freedom to petition the court to presume the missing spouse dead and dissolve the marriage. Such a petition can only be presented if the spouse has been missing for at least seven years. The petition must also prove that the spouse has done everything possible to trace the other spouse.

Desertion, which is unjustifiable withdrawal of one spouse from cohabitation with the other spouse without the latter’s consent and with the intention of remaining separated permanently, can also be used to petition for divorce.