Its saddening that we are living in times where barely a week passes without hearing reports of women being killed in Kenya. For the last few weeks of January 2024 there has been a trending hashtag across social media platforms #endfemicideke but nothing seems to change.

Day in day out we continue losing women through brutal murders, women are killed with zero compassion, their heads are mutilated, body parts are scattered and the graphic footages of their deaths are flooded on the social spaces.

Today, a woman aged 44 years has been found dead in Nyeri County. The woman had been reported missing since January 13th 2024, the lady has been identified as a single mother of 8 suffering from mental illness and on medication.

Her lifeless body was found floating in a 2500 water litre tank after a teenage girl reported a foul smell in the compound and foam in the water from the tank they were drinking from. The family members are worried that the Wairuris death may have not been an accident because with her body size she could not have fit into the tank without being pushed. As a matter of fact, the police  had to cut the tank to get her body out.

No arrests have been made yet as investigations are still ongoing.