A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that gives rise to an obligation or duty that is enforced or recognized by the Law.

Matters contracts in Kenya are enshrined in the Law of Contracts Act 2012, which helps in governing contractual relationships.

Generally, contracts are lengthy and hence, most people find it difficult to read it through, with some completely avoiding the documents because of their complexity and legal jargon involved. This has with time landed many into trouble for failing to execute the contractual terms and conditions therein stipulated.

A contract can either be oral or written depending on the mutual agreement between the parties. Whichever the case, parties must ensure that the contract is valid as per the contract requirements laid down by the law. For the contract to suffice, it must include the offer, which is an expression by one party to another indicting the willingness to enter into a contract with the other party; acceptance, which is an agreement to undertake the offer, and thirdly consideration, which is the agreement to terms of engagement between the parties, and finally contractual capacity of the parties to understand and undertake the intention to engage in a legal obligation.