Access to the internet has become easy with the rise of technological innovations like smart phones, wireless internet and artificial intelligence. This has had positive impact in our society but it has also led to eradication of morality especially in children.

There has been an increased ease in which children as young as six months can access the Internet especially YouTube to listen to songs and study. But in the course of their streaming, some end up in Adult sites (Pornography), in the absence of the parents knowledge.

Pornography is any printed or visual material that contains explicit display of sexual organs or sexual activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.

Children are accidentally bumping into these sites as they surf the internet, and at times after their guardians or parents have left the sites open.

This has a negative impact on the kids as they tend to practice what they watch with their peers. This in return, interferes with the child’s normal sexual development by creating misleading harmful attitudes towards sex and premature sexual activity.

Other detriments include emotional withdrawal that tends to get the children isolate themselves from others.

Compulsive watching of porn results in a change in the brain chemistry of a child, by painting unrealistic pictures of sexuality and relationships. This leads to poor formation of sexual relationships in adulthood.

Pornography can also lead to sexual addiction, as the brain searches for real life higher sexual experiences and this could lead to sexual promiscuity in search of satisfaction.