A cause for celebration as president Uhuru Kenyatta signs into law the Children Bill 2021. Below are the highlights of the Children act.

  • Children in conflict with law, especially those accused of committing minor offenses will not be taken through the Court System, rather they will be diverted to community-based system.
  • All Children coming into conflict with the law will be provided with free legal aid to enable them to navigate through the Justice System.
  • Children living with disability will now be accorded medical treatment, special care, education and training free of charge.
  • The law introduces a new concept of kinship adoption which will enable relatives of adopted Children to do it in a much cheaper faster way that is devoid of legal technicalities.
  • The law establishes a Child Welfare Fund.



  1. Children’s rights are a subset of human rights with particular attention to to the rights of special protection and care afforded to minor or issue.we have 12 basic right of the children which everybody should know . And this is as follows
    Family right
    Health to our children is very important
    Protection from harm
    Identity (as a kenya above 18 years)
    Education to our as their shield.
    Let them have freedom
    Let them access to information

  2. To All parents or Guardians
    For those who does not take care of their families by providing with their needs and knowing the rights of their children . Both parents are supposed to care their children as the first priorities in the family by Allowing them get all information through Group WhatsApp , TV and Radios. And those parents who does not take responsibilities to provide or protect their families, they should face legal action at their own risk.