Kurt Zouma Photo: Daily Express

Injustice levied to a cat pet by Premier League’s West Ham United center-back, Kurt Happy Zouma, has caused unprecedented outrage worldwide. In a video that has since gone viral, the 27-year-old French footballer is seen chasing the cat around his house, kicking, slapping and eventually dropping the animal on the floor. The footballer has since lost custody of his two cats to the Royal Society for Protection and Care of Animals, the largest animal welfare charity in the United Kingdom. 

When it rains, it pours! Zouma has since apologized for his uncouth actions, but the abuse has caused him a two-week wage fine of about £250,000, which will be donated to animal welfare charities, Adidas sponsorship, and West Ham United Football Club, loose its Vitality Insurance company sponsorship.  Experience Kissimmee has also made a decision to part ways with West Ham United Football Club and end their sponsorship according to its President and CEO, DT Minich. 

Yoan Zouma, who is believed to have filmed the video of his brother Kurt Zouma kicking the cat, has been suspended by his club Dagenhum & Redbridge, until the Royal Society for Protection and Care of Animals has concluded its investigations.

Animals should be handled with care and dignity. Zouma’s animosity to his cat is to be condemned, however, is the punishment that Kurt Zouma has been subjected to, proportionate to his conduct?



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